Zürich, Switzerland


One night my roommate and I decided to buy tickets to see Bruno Mars, in Zürich. Radom I know but we really wanted to see him and why not see him in a new country. We spent about 4 days in Zürich and it was amazing!


The first day we spent jet lagged walking around Zürich trying to stay awake. The next day we went up to Üetliberg. We ended up buying a 72 hr Zürich card that got us all around the city of Zürich and we even used it to get to Üetliberg, that was about a  20min train ride. This mountain lets you see the whole city of Zürich. Of course we decided to sit and enjoy the view with some champagne.

The next day we decide to rent a car and drive to Interlaken and Lucerne.I’m really glad my friend volunteered to drive because I would have had a panic attack driving on that winding road. Interlaken was the cutest little town. We went during the spring so no skiing for us, that will be for our next visit to Switzerland! This town is literally right between two lakes. We took a railway up Harder Kulum mountain  to the two lakes bridge. Besides the concert this was probably my favorite part of the trip! I was in awe with the view… and slightly terrified since I’m scared of heights.


Lucerne was more of a city but smaller than Zürich. I seriously couldn’t walk 2 feet without wanting to stop and take pictures of the mountains and city. The first picture on this post was a picture my roommate took in Lucerne. I also fell in love with this vine covered building.


The last day in Zürich we walked around the city and found this spot called Lindenhof that overlooked the Limmat river. We seriously sat for a couple of hours enjoying the view and resting our feet from all the walking we had been doing. We also ended up going to this cute outdoor bar called Frau Gerolds Garten.

IMG_4369 (1)IMG_4392

I seriously had the greatest time with my friends in Zürich. I can’t wait to come back and explore more of the city!


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