Waco, TX


One random weekday my friends and I decided to take a road trip to Waco, TX. We obviously only went so we could go to Magnolia Market and Garden. Before going to the Silos we had to stop at Common Grounds for some delicious coffee. I loved the vibe of this unique coffee shop. I’m personally a fan of chain less coffee shops, so this place was right up my alley. This unique coffee shop gave me Central Perk coffee shop vibes. I could totally see it as a “FRIENDS” hangout spot. The only difference was it was right on the Baylor campus so they had a lot of students around.


After we had some coffee we went off to The Silos! I could have seriously bought everything in the store but sadly I would have gone broke if I did that. I did end up with some really cute Christmas ornaments. I’ll have to come back for the steel sign saying pieces. I fell in love with them!IMG_0888IMG_0903

After walking through the store we ended up going outside on the lawn. The weather was amazing, which is rare in Texas. Kids were throwing around a football or playing corn hole. They had various food trucks around. I loved the atmosphere at the Silos, everyone was just happy and enjoying each others company.


After sitting around we ended up walking to the garden. Seriously guys garden goals!! Once I get an actual house, who knows when I’ll settle down somewhere long enough for that, I want a garden like this! I should probably start reading up on gardening 101 so once I’m ready I can be a pro.

Sadly we didn’t go to the bakery, the line was way too long. I guess I ┬ájust need to make another trip down to Waco, maybe during the holidays.



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