New Orleans, Louisiana


What do you do when you get a 24hr layover in New Orleans?? Well I ate, ate, ate and ate some more! Of course I stated off at Café De Monde. These beignets totally lived up to all the hype. Be careful though because you will leave with powdered sugar all over yourself, but it’s well worth it, trust me!


After my sugar high I walked around the French Quarter and fell in love with all the balconies. Of course my favorites were the ones with all the plants spilling off them.


So continuing on our food tour I stopped at Mother’s and had a calamari po’boy.  Oh gosh it was so good. I also drenched it with some Crystal hot sauce, I seriously regret not buying some of the hot sauce to bring home. *Insert mouth drool emoji as I stare at this picture.*


I suppose a trip to New Orleans isn’t complete until you go to Bourbon street. This isn’t really my scene but I did stay for a drink.

IMG_0796My first 24hrs in New Orleans was a lot of fun. I will definitely need to come back, perhaps during Mardi Gras?!


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